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Our decorators come with a “No hassle guarantee”. This means that while we’re breathing new life into your store we’ll also be taking every possible measure to be minimally intrusive, working out of hours where necessary, completing the job efficiently, on schedule and clearing up after ourselves so that you’re ready to open for business as soon as we’re out the door.


A makeover from John Richards Decorating will give your retail outlet a new lease of life, help it appeal to new customers and stand out from the competition, while only disrupting day-to-day business an absolutely minimal amount.



When it comes to painting your office, our decorators are experienced in creating a great working environment without disrupting the day-to-day running of your business in the process. We work closely with office managers to make sure that work can continue as smoothly as possible while we’re around, and can return to normal as soon as we’re out the door.



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