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Kelham Hall

Kelham Hall was sold in 2014 to a private company Kelham Hall Ltd who previously held a temporary leasehold in the ground floor. Newark & Sherwood District Council will be moving out of Kelham Hall into a new building close to Newark town centre in 2017.


The Hall is to become a prestigious hotel, conference centre and health spa. Mr Jonathan Pass, Managing Director of Kelham Hall Ltd, said: “This is a hugely positive outcome for both the council and the public. We will be opening the bar and restaurant in May and the doors will be open to the hall with full public access to the Gilbert Scott wing, the Carriage Court and associated areas. There will be a new reception desk at the entrance to help people with information. We’re going to be open every day all day.”


John Richards Decorators was involved in the refurbishment of much of the grade I listed woodwork across the site.

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