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John Richards Decorators delivers superior quality industrial painting services nationwide. Our experienced industrial painting crews handle the entire project including cleaning services and painting preparation to ensure your project will meet your expectations.


Reasons to use our industrial painting services for your project.



Retail Our decorators come with a “No hassle guarantee”. This means that while we’re breathing new life into your store we’ll also be taking every possible measure to be minimally intrusive, working out of hours where necessary, completing the job efficiently, on schedule and clearing up after ourselves so that you’re ready to open for business as soon as we’re out the door.




What’s more, we’re able to work around your needs, working evenings, weekends or normal working hours depending on what suits you. Before we start work we see to it that all the existing furnishings are properly protected from the work in hand, and once we’re done our decorators will ensure that every hint of presence is cleaned and tidied away, allowing us to slip away without a trace and leave you with the room of your dreams.


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